From abroad to everyone of considering the trip to Japan
It was 20 years before Happy Travel opened. My first job was at a travel agency. At that time (1991), it was a time when major travel companies were struggling, but the company I joined was a very small travel company. Then I changed jobs and the next company I joined was a small travel agency. I was in a small travel agency without a name value, and I could not get a job unless I had a trusting relationship with the customer. In order to build a trusting relationship, we have always thought about our customers, such as "for customers," "small turns that large companies can not do," and "feel that customers are comfortable," and have been helping with travel. That's because I want to hear a word from the customer, "It was fun." My 20 years of experience at that time grew me so far. Can Happy Travel create a tailor-made journey that no other travel agency can do than any other major travel agency, a journey that will last more in your memory? This is the company I started with.
In other words, it's private, but my son has a disability of blindness. As people grow older, they will live with more than a few obstacles. In my life with my son, I met many people and realized that it was not special. Even if there are inconveniences, I want you to go where you want to go and have fun from the bottom of your heart without giving up your journey. It's been 20 years since I started helping to travel. Happy Travel is a travel company full of dreams created by the desire to establish a travel company where all employees can face customers with the same feeling. Although it is a very small company, I would like to offer a detailed service tailored to each customer's needs that can only be achieved by a small company, and I want to see the smiles of customers saying "It was a really good trip." For that, Happy Travel will do your best to plan. Please do not hesitate to tell us what you think is impossible. You may not be able to do everything, but think together and do your best. We have a whole service to impress you on your trip.